Passionate Love Poems To Fan The Flames Of Desire

Passion is an intense emotion that you share with your love. The passionate love poems that I write are not only filled with love, but volcanoes of love. The intense emotions that I feel for my husband Joe and my family and friends are what inspired these poems. It is displayed in neon lights in these hot passionate love poems.

The Sultan's Pride was inspired by the photo below. This sight of the lions sitting on either side of the majestic, bejeweled woman swept me straight into the burning sands and deserts of love. I hope this passionate poem does the same for you:

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The Sultan's Pride

Mulra was the Grand Sultan's fairest, sultry bride,
Considered by others as The High Master's pride.
At her side were lions, both trophies of his hand.
Felines, "Pleasure" and "Desire", were hers to command.

Each presented to her as gifts from her lover,
As she was favored by him, above all others.
His Harem held prized beauties from The Orient,
Yet, he deemed Mulra to be most magnificent. 

She was clothed in gowns spun from the purest of gold,
And rarest of gems were hers to have and to hold.
In her smooth hand, was a mask used to tease and play
With "Pleasure" and "Desire" while enjoying the day. 

She strolled the palace in aristocratic style,
As her treasured lions amused and invoked smiles.
Pleased, she responded with her soft clapping of hands.
While she enjoyed cool relief from harsh desert sands. 

The Sultan ordered all wives to treat her with care,
For he prized her beauty as that beyond compare.
Wives pampered her for an evening of love with him,
Fragrant almond oils used as sweet balm for her skin.

The Sultan desired her behind sheer flowing silks,
Hungry for the honey from her full crimson lips.
He longed to hold her body closely in his bed,
As she fed his lust with kisses upon his head. 

Mulra strolled majestically down long palace halls,
Awaiting his whim at his ever beck and call.
Her lions stood panting, stationed close by her side,
Hearing sounds of passion while safeguarding their pride. 

Nights of romance ended as the morning light came.
Mulra would retreat to chambers where she'd remain.
"Pleasure" and "Desire" ever guarded his bride,
Emerald gilded mask always close by her side. 

The Sultan dressed to attend matters of his day,
With thoughts of Mulra and her sultriest of ways.
He knew at night his passion for her would return,
As lust's wildfire would reignite and hotly burn. 

Mulra relived her nights, feeling the Sultan's charm,
As "Pleasure" and "Desire" protected her from harm;
Ready to respond when her dear lover would call,
For long nights of passion behind sheer silken walls.

              passionate love poems, hot passionate love poem, passionate poem

            Contest Winner of:

An exceptional and well written story!
Sensational! Passion at its BEST!

- January 4, 2009

The Big Cat Award - February 28, 2010

passionate love poems, hot passionate love poem, passionate poem

Passionate Love Poem Reviews:

“A rich and beautiful passionate love poem steaming with the spice of the orient; adding flavor to the weary soul. So good to read your words of fantasy, love and adventure.”
–F.G.F, Boone, NC

“Dear Sheila, Great stuff here. The story is magical and the male/female interplay is ever so perceptive. And then there is the metaphor of the lions. This is wonderful. And "Pleasure" and Desire" are rightly cast as powerful cats as they overpower the Sultan's entire being, captivating him at night and haunting him throughout his day. This is getting my very highest rating. A stunning passionate love poem. Very well done!”
-R.P., San Diego, CA

Tides of Pleasure started out as a passionate love poem I wrote with another poet. I took this one and made it my own by rewriting it to include a bit more spicy water for splashing in the waters of love. I hope it gives you the same enjoyment reading it as I had writing it!

                 passionate love poems, hot passionate love poem, passionate poem

~Tides of Pleasure~

In flowing tides of pleasure, we play in a cove to others forbidden.
Exploring intimate senses, we enjoy capturing treasures hidden.
On shores of our Pleasure Island of Love, we secretly slip away,
Surrendering willing bodies, one to the other, in flaming foreplay.

Softened light of the moon shadows over our bodies entwined.
Drenched in moonbeam kisses we become lost in trysts of time.
We feast lavishly on plates of desire delighting now our senses.
Suckling in love’s royal banquet we are a prince and princess.

We savor fiery passions ignited as we consume love's drink.
Enveloped by sensuous flames, desire’s satisfied in a blink.
Air is infused with steam of lust in waters of ecstasy deep.
Presents lurking below the surface invite us to take a peek.

Most precious of loves, essence of you drips o're this heart.
Like waves pounding ocean's shore, desire shall ne’er depart.
Winds blow fierce to gather deepest of passions from the sea.
Wrapped tightly in your embrace is where I ever want to be!

Tides of Pleasure thunder, but I’m in the harbor of your arms.
I am adrift in your spell, floating, mesmerized by your charms.
Eternally, I shall be your Maiden of the Mist, Mermaid of the Sea.
My Darling, my Lover you shall be Regis Neptune forever to me!

...close your eyes and hear the sound of splashing in waters of love!

passionate love poems, hot passionate love poem, passionate poem
passionate love poems, hot passionate love poem, passionate poem

New!! Enjoy the video version of "Tides of Pleasure!"

Love's Table is one of my passionate love poems inspired by my hunger and thirst for sensual pleasure as lovers enjoy a banquet of love as this. Get out the can of whipped cream and strawberries and chocolate and share an evening on Love's Table. More than food may be enjoyed on a table like this!

              passionate love poems, hot passionate love poem, passionate poem

Love's Table

A tempting dish is shared by two lovers

Sensual lady placed her long leg upon the table,
And asked her favorite date if he was still able
To make her world spin
Wildly, again, again and again!

He quickly answered her with a bold "YES"!
For to you my vixen I must willingly now confess,
You light my love fire
With desire, desire, desire!

                        passionate love poems, hot passionate love poem, passionate poem

With such sensuality upon the dinner plate,
Intentions to satisfy hungers wouldn't wait.
Treats from lust's cup
They'd each eagerly sup!

Banquet of sensuality would be evening's fare.
Hot sentiments of passion they’d boldly share!
Moans of pleasure would be heard long into the night,
As lovers dined while sharing ecstatic hours of delight!

              passionate love poems, hot passionate love poem, passionate poem

Let your imagination flow freely between the lines of these passionate love poems to ignite your desire for your lover.

passionate love poems, hot passionate love poem, passionate poem

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