Love Poems by Sheila, Ms. Lady of Love

Love poems express and clarify emotions. They help explain what love is.

Falling in love is a tremendous value to each and every one of us. It is an expression of what we love in the other and about ourselves. To be in love is to find a mirror of our own souls in another person.

At the beginning of a relationship…

Love poetry helps us understand the butterflies, excitement and express our feelings early in a relationship. They help us find out why we are falling in love with that special person. Love poetry makes it easier to tell the one we are falling in love with how we feel and how to strengthen the relationship.

When you have been with someone for many years…

Love poetry spells out our feelings, encourages and inspires us to act in certain ways at all times in a relationship. Poetry can be a great romantic tribute to the love that has grown and strengthened over many years. They are a truly personal and passionate way to say, “I love you.”

Expressing your love at a distance…

Love poetry helps express your feelings to yourself and your love when in a long distance relationship. They are an ardent way to tell your lover that he or she is missed and how much you want to reach out and touch your love.

In times of sadness…

Love poetry helps mend broken hearts. After a break up, they help to define what went wrong and why this person was not your true love. They make confronting the pain easier as they assist in moving on.


On you will find:

You will find a world of enchantment and wonder where you can stroll on a "Silken Road," fly with the Gods as “Hearts Soar," bask in “The Sunshine of Our Dance," visit a secret cove in “Tides of Pleasure” or rejuvenate with the “Healing Blanket of Love."

Feeling a little sexy? Explode with a “Powder Keg of Passion," “Be Naughty-Oh, Please Dare!” or take a look with a “Passionate Glance."

Romantics rejoice! This is the place for you. Come on in and savor the experience!

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